The Disney Facts

Dec 12

brinawn said: please sign and support the petition to keep Walt Disney's name on the company logo. The link is on my tumblr page. THANKS



Dec 05

Happy Birthday Walt Disney♥

Dec 03

so-im-a-little-crazy said: To do the tag I think you just tag the post and then make a page with /tagged/WHATEVER and the posts with that tagged name is supposed to appear.

I know I just don’t know how to make the actual page >.<

Nov 30

Anonymous said: I think Jasmine and Mulan were the only princesses to wear pants...Tiana might've but you'd have to double check that.

That is quite interesting :D hmm maybe that will be my next fact!

Thank you!

I LOVE this time of year! :D

Everyone is so happy and full of cheer :D

This is the best!

Just kidding! I live in Florida and it doesn’t snow here >:| I have never seen it

It’s still a happy time though :D my birthday is on the 13th and then Christmas break, AND THEN CHRISTMAS! and then it’s a NEW YEAR!!!!

Nov 15

shaynizzle said: I followed you! Cute blog


Nov 14

So I have been trying to figure out this tag thing

someone help me I am getting warmer!

How do I make a clickable link so you guys can be navigated to facts from a certain movie?


Nov 12

I love you all♥

marliesmommy said: I keep seeing pctures of queen athena and ariel as a baby. What movie is that?

That is Ariels Beginning :D it’s so lovely<3 I highly recommend seeing it!

Nov 11

Anonymous said: Your blog is good, I like all of the facts. However, it would be better if you had a tagged list of movies so we can navigate and look at facts of the ones we are most interested in. Just a suggestion.

Thank you :D I will try to find a way to make that happen for you!

if anyone knows how to do this I would greatly appreciate it if you help me!

Anonymous said: If you're going to run a facts site... make sure you get your facts straight. No offense, just saying. Do a little more research before posting. Some of these posts.. and I'm sure you know which ones - are really off.

I’m not because I find these facts from IMDB…

International Movie Data Base

Don’t kill me I’m just the messenger

If you don’t like it

the unfollow button is to your right

Nov 10

Like I explained before…

Spirited Away is a JAPANESE disney animation movie

It is japanese

it is disney

and it is animation

Yes I am aware it is Studio Ghibi, but disney purchased it and wants its name upon it

Dont like it

Too bad

Im not bashing it, it is my favorite disney movie, but come on people

Probably my most important fact yet♥ Steve Jobs may he rest in peace
I spent forever looking for it so if anyone wants to see;feature=related
It is 7:19 next to The King

Probably my most important fact yet♥ Steve Jobs may he rest in peace

I spent forever looking for it so if anyone wants to see

It is 7:19 next to The King

suburbianite said: In reference to: post/12619316840 - it is NOT a "Japanese Disney animation". It was written, animated and produced by Studio Ghibli, Disney only bought it out and distributed it to the English speaking world. Just letting you know :)

It’s still considered a Japanese Disney animation though, because they did buy it, but they give Studio Ghibli the credit that it is indeed theirs :)